The first target is development of manufacturing technology of re-usable vacuum bags for curing composite parts. The second target is implementation of resin vacuum infusion into manufacturing processes of LA composite.

Project description

As to the first target, motivation for application of re-usable vacuum bags is effectivity of lay-up process of technology (auxiliary) materials. Effectivity improvement is obvious – see videos. This target has been achieved and now we manufacture and use re-usable vacuum bags.

As to the second target, it was necessary to manage the process of resin vacuum infusion, numerical simulation of this process and design of methodology how to find out process parameters necessary for numerical simulation. Manufaturing of carriage front part of underground train, interior panel of railway vehicle, part of loom, undercarriage leg of aircraft JA 100 and cabin shell of BAD 12C gyroplane are proofs of well managed technology.

Project name is „Improvement of manufacturing effectivity of parts made of composite materials for transportation industry“, identification Nr. TA01011167. General investigator is LA composite, co-investigator is Ceske vysoke uceni technicke Prague (Czech Technical University).

This project was financed with support of TA CR.