COSAB is a project named „Development of hi-tech composite sandwiches for balistic protection“ with identification Nr. FR-TI4/317. LA composite is the general investigator.

Project description

Czech Technical University in Prague, SVOS and SVUM (Research Institute) are co-investigators in this project. Target of this project is to design 2 different types of sandwiches to serve for ballistic protection:

  1. more expensive variant with minimal areal weight for aircrafts and helicopters,
  2. cheaper variant with higher areal weight for terrestrial vehicles

These sandwiches are designed for ballistic resistance Level 2 acc. to STANAG 4569.
The project will be completed in the second half of 2015 with ballistic tests of designed sandwiches and their installation into a helicopter and a car.

The project is financed by contribution of Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Czech Republic.