In this project, LA composite is responsible for technology development and manufacturing of sandwich side panels and roof segments for middle carriage of underground train.

Project description

Shape of the panel and main structure have been designed in Zapadoceska univerzita Plzen (Westbohemian University), however, detailed design, including material determination, technology development, drawings, engineering and real manufacturing of the parts were task of LA composite. Our employees also bonded side walls into the steel carriage frame. The side walls are part of the carriage case structure and transmit significant mechanical stress.

Project name is „Research and development of hybrid case of railway vehicle“, identification Nr. FR-TI3/449. General investigator is Zapdoceska univerzita Plzen (Westbohemian University), co-investigators are LA composite, Skoda Transportation and Skoda Vyzkum.

This project was financed by contribution of Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Czech Republic.