Project ILDAS focuses on lightning strike resistance of big passenger aircrafts in context of operational and maintenance economy.

Project description

Target of project ILDAS (=In-flight Lightning Strike Damage Assesment System) is to develop board system for evaluation of lightning strikes. This system should evaluate damage caused by lightning strike and avoid redundant maintenance and thus reduce big costs of needless aircraft downtimes. Further project details are here.

In accordance with contemporary statistics, every commercial aircraft or helicopter is struck by lightning at least once a year. The consequences, in case of lightning with so called low amplitude, are minimal, but strike of ligthning with high amplitude can cause big damage which means delays and expensive repair.

After some science and research projects with national support of Ministry of Industry and Commerce has been successfully completed, LA composite succeeded to penetrate into the European research space. LA composite became member of investigating consortium of ILDAS project supported by European Union.