LA composite´s part in this project is complete development of aircraft door made of composite materials. The project includes all stages of development process – inicial study, laser scanning of existing door, design of the door made of composite, structural analyses, engineering, manufacturing of prototypes and preparation of serial manufacturing.

Project description

If we speak about aircraft door, we mean emergency pilot door, emergency passenger door on the left hand and right hand side of the aircraft and the main door split up into upper part and lower part which intergrates stairs and cargo door section.

Project name is „Integration of composite materials into the structures of small passenger aircraft“, identification Nr. FR-TI4/543. Main investigator of this procet is comapny Aircrfat industries (former LET Kunovice), manufacturer of the aircraft L410. Other co-investigators are Evektor, LA composite, 5M and VZLU.

The project is financed by contribution of Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Czech Republic.